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From at 04.12.2017 The season of goodwill …

“This year we’ll really not going to give each other any presents.” In the run-up to Christmas, this sentence is repeated just as often in my family as Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” on the radio and “It’s... Read on

From at 27.11.2017 Industrial light and magic in the Krones hall

It’s pitch-dark when two cars drive onto the company premises. When four figures in dark clothing get out and begin to unload various bags, boxes and pieces of equipment, you might think something suspicious is going on.... Read on

From at 20.11.2017 Getting through the winter with your health intact

Winter. Yes, precisely. Which means: it’s going to get really cold. But it also means enjoyable evenings at the Christmas market, walks in the snow or a trip to the ski slopes. And if you’re feeling a... Read on

From at 13.11.2017 About vineyards and wineries

Sitting on a terrace at the top of a vineyard, savouring a wine, the fragrance of grapes in your nostrils, and the taste of wine on your tongue, while the sun slowly sets, sounds like a wonderful... Read on

From at 26.10.2017 Recycling with a difference

You like wine? Nevertheless, it repeatedly happens that you leave a drop or even more in the bottle? And then, once it’s too late, you notice it’s no longer fit to drink? For this eventuality, I’ve collected... Read on

From at 13.10.2017 Fourteen nations, one team?

Definitely! This has been impressively confirmed by the CFS Training Symposium, which was recently held at Krones in Neutraubling. Moreover, it has once again demonstrated that decentralisation and internationalisation at Krones do not mean that the subsidiaries... Read on