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From at 11.06.2018 After-work yoga with the Krones health insurance scheme (BKK) – so you can start your evening fit and relaxed

I presume everyone is familiar with the following situation: after a hard day’s work, on your way home more often than not you’re already looking forward to flop down on the couch and relax. On the other... Read on

From at 19.04.2018 News from Krones India: a rendezvous with the CEO

When I mention Information Technology Services – which country do you think of? I’m guessing that for many of you, the answer is India. And you’re completely right, since India really plays an important role in the... Read on

From at 29.03.2018 Healthy beverage, healthy business?

Low-fat, paleo, vegan, low-calorie, or sweetened with stevia: being healthy is booming. Or at least the aspiration is. Besides the sport sector, it’s primarily food and beverage producers who are taking this trend on board. But what does... Read on

From at 19.02.2018 From the assembly line to top-level sport

Somebody from our Krones ranks will soon be playing on the football team of an American college. Exciting, wouldn’t you say? I agree. Which is why I immediately got in touch with Julius Welschof, and was promptly... Read on

From at 19.01.2018 Our “place to be” for the breaks

Coffee is a quick pick-me-up, coffee is lifestyle, and above all coffee is pleasure! A study has shown that the Germans drink more coffee than water or beer. No wonder they’re so choosy when it comes to... Read on

From at 21.12.2017 Rainulf Diepold – an indefatigable emissary for Krones

When a Sales Director steps down from his active role, this rarely, of course, happens without an appropriate ceremony and a fitting farewell party. But what makes a departure of this kind into something very special are... Read on