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Posts from Veronika Leikam

From at 19.09.2016 Likability as the key to success at the workplace

Some people radiate so much likeability that their mere presence can conjure up a smile to your face. One of these people is Rapeepat Viriyapanont, Assistant to the Head of Lifecycle Sales at Krones in Thailand. With... Read on

From at 12.09.2016 An ingeniously inventive mind with a great track record

  She’s experienced, highly motivated, and has a truly creative brain into the bargain. “Experienced” sounds almost as if she’s just celebrated 30 years with the company. But this is not quite the case with Laura Wittmann.... Read on

From at 09.09.2016 Bitten by the travel bug

“There’s no place like home”– not a maxim that Kanjana Poonwej would subscribe to, not in the slightest. Krones’ young project planner from Thailand, you see, simply loves travelling. The evidence of her wanderlust adorns the walls... Read on

From at 07.09.2016 Nittenau: where the skies are always blue …

  An eternally cloudless blue sky – you’re probably thinking of a paradisiacal island in the Caribbean or the South Seas. In Germany, though, this kind of weather is not the norm, to put it mildly. And... Read on

From at 02.09.2016 Start of training 2016: a new chapter begins

    Finally the time has come! 144 young people took the first step towards their new chapter in their life. Everybody could feel the excitement and joy in the air here at Krones in Neutraubling yesterday. 🙂... Read on

From at 25.08.2016 V stands for … ?

Well, the first name of our Thai colleague Vasan Lamtien begins with V. But that’s not all. V also stands for versatility. And versatility is the quintessential requirement for his job at Krones in Thailand. Vasan Lamtien... Read on