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Posts from Valentina D'Ascanio

From at 06.03.2017 The Digital Krones Academy – knowledge on tap

The internet has got us used to informational luxury, to finding the right answer to well-nigh every technical questions (no matter how specific) within a few seconds. If you want to know how to reset the time... Read on

From at 13.02.2017 No worries at all with the Automation Concept

  The alarm clock doesn’t ring, the coffee machine’s on strike, and the train’s late as well – wouldn’t it be great if everything were to work properly all the time! What sometimes irritates us in everyday... Read on

From at 21.12.2016 The best answers to the Top Ten of the hotline queries

  Bottling and canning lines incorporate sophisticated technology. And thus, of course, everything has to be perfectly intermeshed so as to ensure optimum results. If there are any difficulties with a machine, then Krones offers rapid-response assistance... Read on

From at 12.12.2016 The academy of the future

I’ve just happened upon the latest issue of the magazine (04/2016) and there I’ve read an interesting article about the Krones Academy. Considering that the Academy is my current workplace I’m especially interested in this subject, which... Read on