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From at 04.10.2017 Communication – the key to success

Communication is a vital tool both for managers and for all other staff, too. It is possible to exert accurately targeted influence by using verbal and non-verbal means. According to the communication expert Schulz von Thun, communication... Read on

From at 07.12.2016 Women and technology – yes, it works!

It’s not always been easy in your youthful years to make a decision when it comes to choosing a career. Often you don’t yet know precisely what field is best suited to your own particular strengths. This... Read on

From at 05.09.2016 From training to a career – starting with CRD Direct Print

  Since 30 June 2016, we, the former trainees in technical product design, can finally call ourselves fully-fledged skilled workers. After passing our final exams, we were of course delighted. Together, we are now looking back on... Read on

From at 18.04.2016 Goodbye to vocational training – hello to a future at Krones

  When training approaches its end The finishing line is now in sight for us trainees studying technical product design. The third year of training is slowly but surely approaching its end, and the final exams will... Read on

From at 12.10.2015 Hands-on experience of R&D – as a trainee at Krones AG

How time flies: very soon, as a technical product design trainee, I shall again be scheduled for my next transfer to a new department. I’ve already assisted the permanent staff in the design offices for labellers and filling... Read on

From at 18.05.2015 Directly involved, not merely an onlooker

A technical product designer is during his/her training at Krones AG integrated directly into the work of the departments concerned, and can thus acquire lots of important knowledge abut the group and its operations. Following four months... Read on