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From at 30.11.2016 “Cinema tokens for the inner-city cinemas …”

… that’s the wish I shall be making come true for a child under the aegis of this year’s Krones Christmas initiative. This enables you to fetch a wish slip from a Christmas tree in Krones’ reception... Read on

From at 25.07.2016 Nǐ hǎo,!

  For Lisa and Michael, my two colleagues from Shop Management, the merry month of May was an entirely Asian experience. The two of them went on very exciting and eventful business trips to Shanghai/Taicang and Bangkok... Read on

From at 09.05.2016 Online shopping made easy

  8 o’clock on a Friday evening. Idly channel-surfing on the TV, sitting slumped on the sofa, and suddenly you find yourself doing it again: you’re on your smartphone/tablet, logged on to the internet, and browsing in... Read on