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Posts from Silke Riedl

From at 19.03.2018 Premiere: first customer host for the SAP CIO Round Table

Today I’m reporting on a special event that was hosted by my boss Holger Blumberg, Head of Information Management. SAP Germany’s CIO Round Table is an exclusive event for the customers of the manufacturing sector. The CIOs... Read on

From at 22.12.2017 IT security: on everyone’s lips – but is it on everyone’s mind?

IT security is a broad field, and I could probably write a novel on the subject. But today I’m restricting myself to the narrow field of IT security in the context of Industry 4.0. You’re wondering what... Read on

From at 22.09.2017 Journey to the centre of the machine

In the last few months, there was only one overriding issue here at Krones: the drinktec 2017. This is the world’s biggest trade fair for the international beverage industry, and Krones was there to be marvelled at... Read on

From at 27.07.2017 International IT conference: a fruitful encounter between IT and different cultures

In my latest blog posting, I should like to report on our international IT conference, which is held every two years at our headquarters in Neutraubling. Invitations went out to all IT managers and coordinators at our... Read on

From at 22.05.2017 Assistant – making coffee is so yesterday

Hello! My name is Silke Riedl and I work as an assistant to the Head of Information Management. Yes, that’s right, an assistant – and no, I can’t remember the last time I made coffee for my... Read on