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From at 07.12.2017 Major order in South America

  June in Chile is hardly the most attractive of months for heat-loving sun-worshippers. There is no respite from its chilly, clammy embrace. But in 2016 something is different. It’s happening near the coastal city of Concón... Read on

From at 14.01.2016 Loading doesn’t stop between Christmas and the New Year

Not at Krones AG, it doesn’t. This time it was machines for clients in Mexico and Cambodia. Loaded on 30 December 2015 at the East Harbour in Regensburg. 26 crates and four traverses were gently and safely... Read on

From at 02.09.2015 The blessed month of August

It supplies us with lots of valuable crops for our beer and is renowned as the month of harvesting: yes, it’s August. At the beginning of the month, wheat, barley and oats are being brought in from... Read on

From at 04.03.2015 Sparkling. Effervescent. Successful

  Bad Überkingen. What does that connote to you? Mineral water. Spa. Swabian Mountains. Baden-Württemberg. All correct. And there’s one more term (or rather name) worth remembering: IQ 4 YOU smart beverages. In the 1980s, 400 million... Read on

From at 19.12.2014 Algeria – a travelogue Part III

Guedila has been operating the two identical Krones lines since early 2014. Their heart is a monobloc comprising a blow-moulder and a filler, namely a Contiform 318, with a Modulfill with 90 filling valves, and a capper.... Read on

From at 19.12.2014 Algeria – A travelogue part II

A stranger’s a stranger only in a strange land (Karl Valentin) Small breakfast. Pictures hanging on the wall opposite me. Motifs and depictions of Berber women. A woman with a spindle in her hand. Two others appear... Read on