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From at 17.02.2016 Madame Beer – a beerography

You can find the English version of the article here on our Craft Beer Blog. Read on

From at 25.01.2016 How enviro 2.0 is shaping the future of systems engineering

Economical, eco-compatible and maximally profitable – this is the template for the machines of the future. At Krones, this vision has a name: enviro. Since the introduction of enviro 2.0, production and sales have been even more... Read on

From at 18.12.2015 “Anyone who wants to help will always find a way”

Last year, Krones’ staff for the first time distributed presents to children in homes and with foster families in Regensburg County. The Christmas initiative was a huge success for everyone involved. This year, again for the first... Read on

From at 11.12.2015 Charity the Krones way

You can almost see it flying up there in the wintry sky (a bit clouded over at present, admittedly): with its streamlined silver-grey wings, it circles slowly, lazily above the Krones facility. On the tailfin, Krones’ trademark... Read on