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From at 19.12.2017 Three months in Bangkok

It’s meanwhile common knowledge that Krones is growing, and expanding and upgrading its international structures. But what does that mean for the work and knowledge structures of the various specialist departments, for our daily work routines, and... Read on

From at 14.11.2016 Industrial design at Krones AG

Have you ever wondered who designed your ballpoint pen? Or the desk you’re working at? Or the bottle you’re drinking out of? In most cases, they will have been industrial or product designers who (unnoticed by the public)... Read on

From at 09.08.2016 Why the Carbo Classic Base is a genuine classic

In my most recent blog article, I dealt with the various technical requirements bottle bases have to meet. In terms of internal-pressure stability, the most technically sophisticated base is without a doubt the Carbo Classic Base, also... Read on

From at 11.04.2016 The function and design of PET container bases

  You may perhaps have noticed that PET bottles have a wide variety of different bases? Some of them stand on “footlets”, others are quite flat, and others again have a “ribbed base”. But why exactly is... Read on