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From at 11.02.2015 A rather special kind of filler – or: I’m going offline then.

I sit there quite still, and wait for the right moment. It’s cramped, I can hardly move. Everything around me glitters and gleams. I’m dazzled by all the gold. I’m waiting – and waiting – and waiting.... Read on

From at 09.02.2015 Green gold – the soul of beer, part 2: Craft Brewing – great opportunity for hops?

The craft brewing movement is gaining ground in Germany, though progress is slow. Innovative beer types, rising levels of interest in craft beers, new varieties of hop – how is the trend actually affecting the hop-growers? I... Read on

From at 06.02.2015 Green gold – the soul of beer, part 1: In a paradise for hops

Without water and malt, there wouldn’t be any beer – an incontrovertible fact. But what role do hops actually play in brewing beer? And who would be better suited to know than someone who wrote an entire... Read on

From at 04.02.2015 Greetings from the USA

A job abroad? What used to be more of an exception is nowadays the norm for many people. Job ads that you find on numerous job search engines or at job online portals carry vacancies around the... Read on

From at 28.01.2015 Na zdrowie! Beer is the new Wódka

It’s 22 September 2013, early in the morning: I’m sitting in a plane. Doubts are starting to nag at me. What on earth is the language the people around me are speaking? It’s presumably Polish. At least... Read on

From at 21.01.2015 A good day for a… Guinness?! – Pub culture and beer-drinking the Irish way

“Dirty old tooown, dirty old tooown” resounds through the Irish pub in the heart of Dublin. It’s full to bursting. An Irishman is singing with a smoky voice, accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. We’re surrounded by... Read on