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From at 12.02.2018 A potent joint venture in the heart of Asia

Since the summer of 2017, Krones has been cooperating with the plant and machinery manufacturer Izumi Food Machinery. The tradition-steeped Japanese company was founded in 1925 on Awaji Island, which is regarded as the cradle of the... Read on

From at 27.02.2017 American graduation exam for the Contiform AseptBloc

It was four years ago that we premiered the Contiform AseptBloc. Meanwhile, some models of this bloc system, comprising a stretch blow-moulder and a filler, are up and running worldwide, have been successfully validated, and are filling... Read on

From at 27.06.2016 In togetherness is strength

  Does it sound to you like a New-Age self-help bromide or the ubiquitously clichéd election propaganda of a rather unimaginative politician? If so, then I can’t really blame you. By now at the latest, though, it’s... Read on

From at 29.01.2016 The Contiform AseptBloc – a success story

A few weeks go, we unveiled our new hashtag campaign #GermanBlingBling, which is running on a cross-medial basis both online and to supplement our ads. But what exactly are we advertising here? Well, one thing would be... Read on

From at 12.11.2015 The craft brewers’ new friend

In recent years, the number of craft breweries worldwide has soared. In North America, this segment is booming. Some of these new breweries are meanwhile also investing in bottling and canning lines of their own, with beer... Read on

From at 20.07.2015 The filling valve with intuitive empathy

All of us, probably, at one time or another, have poured a liquid into a glass and seen it foam spectacularly. And even though there are innumerable tricks and tips for coping with this, there’s one thing... Read on