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From at 19.02.2018 From the assembly line to top-level sport

Somebody from our Krones ranks will soon be playing on the football team of an American college. Exciting, wouldn’t you say? I agree. Which is why I immediately got in touch with Julius Welschof, and was promptly... Read on

From at 20.11.2017 Getting through the winter with your health intact

Winter. Yes, precisely. Which means: it’s going to get really cold. But it also means enjoyable evenings at the Christmas market, walks in the snow or a trip to the ski slopes. And if you’re feeling a... Read on

From at 13.11.2017 About vineyards and wineries

Sitting on a terrace at the top of a vineyard, savouring a wine, the fragrance of grapes in your nostrils, and the taste of wine on your tongue, while the sun slowly sets, sounds like a wonderful... Read on

From at 06.11.2017 Next stop: Shanghai

It’s trade fair time again! Whether it’s Munich, Dubai, the USA or Iran (and lots of other places too): our trade fair diary this year has already been a pretty full one. But even as the year... Read on

From at 26.10.2017 Recycling with a difference

You like wine? Nevertheless, it repeatedly happens that you leave a drop or even more in the bottle? And then, once it’s too late, you notice it’s no longer fit to drink? For this eventuality, I’ve collected... Read on

From at 17.10.2017 Dubai, we’re on our way!

On 31 October, we shall be out in the desert. But not in order to view one of the world’s highest buildings or take a dip in the sea. No. We’ll be at one of the premier... Read on