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Posts from Jochen Forsthövel

From at 22.03.2018 Concept Bottle: PET and paper in combination

At this year’s Anuga FoodTec, production and process technology are major topics – but not the only ones. We’re also presenting an innovation on the field of packaging for milk and juice. Behind it lies the idea... Read on

From at 26.06.2017 “Plastic perfect” – make a wish

We’re living in the Plastic Age, on our “Plastic Planet”. Plastics are crucial determinants for our era’s objects; our product world is nearly inconceivable without plastics. It would appear that we humans love plastic, since we’re using... Read on

From at 21.11.2016 Changing of the guard – plastics and the end of the Holocene

Geological era – a scientific term denoting a period in the Earth’s history mostly delimited by the appearance or extinction of particular organisms. Now, according to an international body of geologists (Working Group on the ‘Anthropocene’), a... Read on

From at 10.10.2016 The better is the enemy of the good – NitroHotfill and compressed-air savings

I presume I’m not telling most of you anything new when I write here that in order to blow-mould PET bottles you need compressed air. Things get more specific when you want to produce PET bottles that can... Read on

From at 08.08.2016 Bottle philosophy – people, water and consumption

  Drinking bottled water comes in for incessant criticism in the affluent societies of the West. Criticism should really encourage us to think, and that has to be a good thing. But when looked at dispassionately, what’s actually behind... Read on

From at 15.07.2016 PET bottles in unfamiliar roles: exaptation

  Our everyday lives are full of routine, the same things day in, day out, our working hours are always more or less organised for us. And to a certain degree we’ve got used to this, perhaps... Read on