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From at 05.02.2018 The trade fair year begins

As the world’s biggest country, Russia also plays a front-runner role when it comes to trade fairs for process and packaging technology. At the end of January, a total of 24.900 trade visitors and 250 exhibitors from... Read on

From at 10.01.2018 The indispensable good

There’s water, and then again there’s water. I think we all realise that a glass of water from the mains in the nations of the south is not quite as safe as what comes out of our... Read on

From at 24.07.2017 Choose face to face – any place

“Be where the client is” – For a globally operating company like Krones, this is not always a matter of course, and also it’s easier said than done. Is it really true that close-to-client proximity and direct... Read on