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From at 19.09.2017 Simple, flexible, dependable operator control

  With the new Connected HMI platform, Krones is setting new benchmarks in terms of technology, usability and harmonised consistency: the interface between man and machine, abbreviated to HMI (Human-Machine Interface), ensures that both sides can communicate... Read on

From at 15.09.2017 Perspectives which complement each other

  What distinguishes us from other providers? We can approach your project from various points of view – which allows us to find the perfect IT solution for you. That’s because Krones has positioned itself in its... Read on

From at 12.09.2017 Perfect organisation for the flow of goods

More diversity, more speed and more transparency: The aim of an automated inventory management system is to quickly pick customised orders from an entire product range and to pack these orders in the best possible way –... Read on

From at 10.07.2017 At home the whole world over

Krones’ machines and lines are true globe-trotters – up and running at companies all over the planet – even in the Himalayas, on the Fiji Islands and in the Arctic. In all, we supply our kit to... Read on

From at 24.04.2017 #Lavatec – beautician and hangover cure

We all know that sinking feeling: the morning after a fantastic party, don’t we? Not enough sleep, and rather too much hangover. But worse, much worse is in store: I was the host, and now it’s my... Read on

From at 23.01.2017 Out into the wide, wide world with Across Borders: different countries, different expectations

Have you got friends or family abroad? Then you can probably tell us a thing or two about how telephone calls, Skype conversations, or continual contacts using WhatsApp can be pretty strenuous in the long run. Spontaneous... Read on