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Posts from Niko Bonakis

From at 06.09.2017 Global Remote Service: maximum-security digitalisation

In the shape of the Lifecycle Service “Support” product, Krones’ clients have a central contact point for the technical customer service: here they get the answers they need to all questions regarding their lines and machines. Krones... Read on

From at 08.08.2017 Material management and Krones – a can-do team

Thanks to long years of experience, Krones possesses abundant expertise when it came to logistics in after-sales – and shares it with its clients, of course. The Material Management Coach is our specialist in everything to do... Read on

From at 30.01.2017 Krones’ movers and shakers!

  For a whole range of different reasons, the following scenario is not all that uncommon: individual machines or lines are no longer being used by the client concerned, but at the same time additional machines are... Read on

From at 17.05.2016 Take advantage of your proximity to Krones …

  … with a Krones in-house overhaul In order to keep a Krones machine performing to its maximum potential, it’s essential to make sure that overhauls are performed as carefully and effectively as possible. We always endeavour... Read on

From at 15.06.2015 Too much or not enough? – The optimum stock-keeping strategy

You want to save time and money? Especially in urgent cases, like a malfunction or a standstill? In order to keep their production operations running smoothly, clients have to be able to react swiftly. But it’s not... Read on

From at 07.01.2015 Eliminating efficiency losses: line analysis

Even if clients’ machines have already been operating over a lengthy period, they are nevertheless still tasked with meeting the market’s requirements and continuously provide maximised performance. Often, a client will not even notice why his production... Read on