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From at 18.12.2017 Desperately seeking: Colleague Number 15,000

Forgotten your own wedding anniversary? Or a close friend’s round-number birthday? Embarrassing, but when times are a bit hectic these things may happen. I know what I’m talking about, because at Krones Corporate Communications we were guilty... Read on

From at 11.12.2017 Alone among students: the Connecta in Regensburg

Half past eight in the morning at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH). The Connecta officially begins in thirty minutes’ time. This was an absolute premiere for me: I had never been to a recruiting fair before... Read on

From at 25.09.2017 Meanwhile at home …

Normally, Krones operates five facilities in Germany. But for the drinktec, you have to add one more, temporarily at least: 11,000 square metres of space for exhibits, staff from all specialist departments, and more than 20 machines... Read on

From at 15.09.2017 Sinlge column palletiser Modulpal Pro 2ADP

  The new divided loading plate is the key characteristic of the Modulpal Pro 2ADP. Thanks to this plate, the palletiser is more than suited for the medium and high output ranges although the pack infeed level... Read on

From at 14.09.2017 Direct printing machine DecoType Select

  A pioneering technology now enters series production: at the last drinktec Krones exhibited a prototype of the DecoType family, and meanwhile the digital direct printing machine has attained product maturity. At this year’s fair, the DecoType... Read on

From at 13.09.2017 Automated product change-over with LineXpress

Broad range of products and small single batches often push many lines to their economic limit. Why? Because the complex change-over processes use up more and more valuable production time. Would you like to get this time... Read on