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About the Krones blog

One of Krones AG’s brand values is its commitment to meaningfully responsive dialogue.

This blog aims to translate this statement into vibrant internet reality. Our goal here is to conduct a global dialogue with clients, trade insiders, interested members of the general public, potential hirings and our own staff. From people to people.

For all of us at Krones AG, the social media have for years now been more than a channel of communication. The term “social media” denotes a process of transformation, extending beyond the confines of corporate communication and suffusing the entire company. We want to talk about people and reach out to people. There’s plenty to tell about Krones – about products, innovations, plus interesting personalities and life-histories.

These topics will be chosen by the editorial team of the Krones Blog, which will be written almost entirely by employees of Krones AG. Contributions from guest authors will be designated as such. Bland marketing content and agency-authored texts? Not on this blog! We write ourselves, and are hoping for a fruitful exchange of thoughts and opinions with all the readers of our contributions. And we’re always pleased to receive suggestions for topics – simply write a comment at the end of the article!