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About the Krones blog

One of Krones AG’s brand values is its commitment to meaningfully responsive dialogue.

This blog aims to translate this statement into vibrant internet reality. Our goal here is to conduct a global dialogue with clients, trade insiders, interested members of the general public, potential hirings and our own staff.
We want to talk about people and reach out to people. There’s plenty to tell about Krones – about products, innovations, plus interesting personalities and life-histories.

These topics will be chosen by the editorial team of the Krones Blog, which will be written almost entirely by employees of Krones AG. Contributions from guest authors will be designated as such. We write ourselves, and are hoping for a fruitful exchange of thoughts and opinions with all the readers of our contributions.

  • Christina Hackner

    Christina Hackner works for Krones AG as a copywriter in the Public Relations Department. She authors texts for both internal and external communication, and assists the editors of the trainee page in the staff magazine. While she was still at university, she worked for Krones as an intern and student trainee in Corporate Communications.

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  • Jing Qian

    After studying mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe at the institute of Technology (KIT), Jing Qian has since April 2016 been a trainee for assembly coordination at Krones Taicang. He likes this job because it’s an interface between Krones in Germany and China. His main task is to support building the production for the ErgoBloc LC KT in China, which is also part of Krones internationalization strategy. With the practical experience at Sino-German project during his studies, he is now ready for new challenges.

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  • Charles Schmidt

    Charles Schmidt is responsible for social media at Krones AG. It was back in 2008 that Charles launched the krones-tv platform in conjunction with Bavaria interactive.
    As one of the first Social Media Officers in Germany, he’s the prime mover behind Krones AG’s social media activities. Charles has in many regards performed pioneering work in the field of B2B marketing. A steadfast advocate of maximally accessible communication, Charles always focuses primarily on the human element in his social media activities (B2H).

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  • Torsten Kilgenstein

    Torsten Kilgenstein has since the beginning of 2014 been working for Krones AG in the Product Management at Block and Conveyor Technology. While studying for a degree in business management, he completed internships in Corporate Communications and the Material Flow Technology Department, whom he also supported over another eighteen months as a student trainee.

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  • Julia Renner

    Julia Renner is employed by Krones AG as a copywriter in Public Relations. She authors texts for internal and external communication, and supports the editorial team of the Krones magazine. While she was at university, she was already working as an intern and as a student trainee in Corporate Communications.

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  • Silvana Soethe

    Since September 2014 Silvana Soethe is the assistant/product manager at eBusiness.
    Besides the development of the eBusiness product- and serviceportfolio and webdesign,
    she is responsible for various assistant tasks.

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  • Angelika Krempl

    How to explain complex things in simple words is something Angelika Krempl learned in the proofreading department at a publisher of children’s books, and while studying for her degree in philosophy. Since 2008, she has been a permanent member of the Krones community. As a copywriter, she tells stories about the products and people at Krones – which has turned her into a genuine fan of both.

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  • Valentina D'Ascanio

    Valentina D'Ascanio trained as an European Management Assistant at Krones from 2008 to 2011 and then she studied European Business Administration by doing a correspondence degree course of study. Since 2011, she has been responsible for translation, training documentation and the seminar catalog at the Academy.

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  • Christof Schmeißer

    Christof Schmeisser is a project manager at Central On-Site Erection, working in the Processes, KPI, Systems Department. Following his first practical semester in IM back in 2004 and his dissertation in Sales in 2008, the business IT specialist and „Lego-Nerd“ has since 2012 been back on board at Krones AG.

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  • Jennifer Rauch

    Jennifer Rauch was part of our Public Relations Department from April to September 2015. As an intern, she supported the team of copywriters working in internal and external communication. While she was reading for a degree in German studies, various courses triggered her interest in editorial work. After finishing her thesis on sentence complexity in print and online media, she gained practical experience in a company that communicates over several different media channels.

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  • Eva Maria FaltermeierSocial Media Advisor

    Eva Faltermeier is the Social Media Advisor at Krones AG. After graduating, Eva completed a traditional-style traineeship at a daily newspaper, and then worked as an editor for the political and business sections. In her quest for the “new media”, she joined Siemens AG in 2010. At Siemens, she was promoted from online editor to social media advisor. She’s been with Krones AG in Neutraubling since October 2012.

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  • Johannes Templer

    Johannes Templer joined Krones AG in 2005, starting off by training as a European business specialist. He then worked in Sales for South America, and moved in 2009 to the Sales Control Department, where since then he has been responsible for sales-related planning, organisation and implementation of Krones' trade fair appearances .

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  • Sandra Buchecker

    As a freelance author, Sandra Buchecker has since 2008 been supporting Krones’ video team, and the copywriters’ workshop. With a degree in journalism, she has already worked for public-sector and private TV stations, and in the printed media. Her CV also includes press and public relations work in a Bavarian ministry.

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  • Ingrid Reuschl

    Ingrid Reuschl is a sociologist, and for many years now has been working in Corporate Communication at Krones AG. Besides the company’s Text Workshop, she’s also responsible for the Krones magazine.

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  • Claudia NiebauerHerausgeberin „Top 99 – Regensburg“

    „Mein Studium der BWL absolvierte ich in den 90ern in Regensburg. Seitdem bin ich hier in der Branche Marketing und Kommunikation tätig, seit 2003 freiberuflich. Für meine Agenturkunden arbeite ich gerne konzeptionell mit Fokus auf Qualität, Werte und Nachhaltigkeit – Propaganda zur Förderung eitler Konsumgier liegt mir nicht. Regensburg ist im Wandel und voll positiver Energie. Top 99 Regensburg ist eine Hommage an meine Stadt, die bereit ist Trends zu setzen, anstatt ihnen hinterherzulaufen.“

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  • Andreas Schröfl

    Andreas Schröfl is as Head of Project Management for Asia/Africa BL Lines and Components responsible for smooth completion of brewery projects in these regions . After an apprenticeship as a brewer and malter, he obtained an engineering degree, majoring in brewing studies and beverage technology, at Munich/Weihenstephan University of Applied Science. He then worked as a commissioning manager at Anton-Steinecker-Maschinenfabrik and as a brewmaster in a mid-tier Bavarian brewery. In 2008, he joined Krones AG in Packaging Technology Project Management.

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  • Niko Bonakis

    Niko Bonakis has since 2014 been a strategic Product and Tool Manager in Krones' Lifecycle Service (LCS.) His remit includes not only marketing, but also drawing up business models for new technological options, and strategic product management in various categories.

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  • Maria Seywald

    Maria Seywald has been a permanent part of the Social Media Team since September 2015, with a remit including the company blogs and the social media channels.
    Before that, she studied International Relations and Management (B.A.), and was an intern for social media at Krones from February to September 2015. During this period she also conceived and wrote her degree dissertation on the use of social media in B2B operations.

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  • Milena Huber

    Milena Huber has since May 2015 been working for Krones AG in the PET Packaging Design Group as a Product Specialist. While she was studying industrial design at Regensburg’s East Bavarian University of Applied Science, she was already working for Krones as an intern and writing her thesis. She is currently designing PET containers for clients from Eastern Europe and Russia, which means she’s involved in some diverse and multifaceted projects, and is continually tasked with finding the optimum balance between design and technology.

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  • Matthias & Sabrina

    As student trainees, Matthias and Sabrina have since October 2016 been supporting Johannes Scholz and his team in the Krones Innovation Lab at the Techbase in Regensburg. Matthias is studying for an M.Sc. in information science at Regensburg University and Sabrina for a B.A. in business management at Regensburg’s East Bavarian University of Applied Science (OTH). The two lateral thinkers are keenly interested in innovation and digitisation, and in their daily work can deepen their knowledge as they incorporate it in their brainstorming.

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  • Johannes Scholz

    Johannes Scholz has nurtured a passion for innovation and technology ever since he read engineering at university. While he was working on his doctoral dissertation and during a spell as a consultant at Siemens Corporate Technology, he proceeded to gain multifaceted experience in the field of research and development. Since 2015, Johannes has been part of KRONES AG’s Innovation Management Team, focusing on early detection of technical trends and responsibility for the Krones Innovation Lab.

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  • Timo FranklSales Director IT-Solutions

    Timo Frankl, as Sales Director IT Solutions, is responsible for global sales of Krones’ IT and MES packages. After graduating in commercial computer science at Regensburg University, he first spent two years with Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, with responsibility for optimizing the firm’s EDI operations, before joining Krones in 2008. Following almost three years in the IT Solutions Product Division, he moved to Sales in 2010, and since than has played a crucial role in the steady growth and the progressively increasing perceived importance of Krones’ optimisation packages.

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  • Christian Colceriu

    Christian Colceriu has since 2012 been advising Krones AG on the subject of industrial design. His work focuses mainly on the design of capital goods, where he likes to incorporate principles of bionics as well. The engineering graduate also creates visual solutions for “Industry 4.0” and provides support for imaginative product development. Christian Colceriu was awarded a degree in industrial design at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz.

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  • Susanne Huber

    Susanne Huber was a Project Manager in Lifecycle Service Strategy and Product Management at Krones. From 2010 to 2014, she worked in Reserch & Development as part of the innovation management team, where her remit included not only the SuperPET recycling project subsidised by the EU, but also university and trade association management.

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  • Isabell Tauber

    Isabell Tauber trained as a technical product designer at KRONES’ facility in Neutraubling.
    Since passing her final exams in June 2016, she’s been a member of the CRD Direct Print Team, where she works as a detail designer. To the delight of her colleagues, because Isabell is a cheerful soul.
    Her motto: “A day without smiling is a day wasted!”

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  • Peter Steger

    Peter Steger is a working student in Public Relations at Krones AG. He conducts researches and writes articles for various media outlets at Krones. Peter also assists the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. After his B.A. in German Studies he now focuses on corporate culture in his Cultural Studies Master.

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  • Stefan KrausProduct Manager

    Stefan Kraus is fully at home in the complex world of fillers, closers and aseptic lines. As a Product Manager, he is a hub where all the many threads of Krones's filling technology are coordinated - from strategy and portfolio focus all the way through to product communication. After obtaining a degree in food and beverage technology, he joined Krones' filling technology team in 2003, first as a Product Specialist and a Project Engineer for aseptics, while since 2011 he's been working in Product Management.

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  • Constanze Ertl

    Constanze Ertl is studying political science and media studies at the University of Regensburg and within the scope of an internship she supported the section of Corporate Communications in the sector of Social Media.

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